Our Story

Edinburgh-based poet/singer/songwriter Tom Fairnie has a rich background of performance and recorded collaborations with other poets and musicians.  His songs are at their most effective when his bruised, Scots Kenny Rogers voice is set against his own beautifully elegant folk guitar style.  Tom's wife, Jane, has been singing harmony with him for many years and with the addition of a Scottish Folk duo, singer and radio presenter Madelaine Cave and guitarist/singer Graham Whyte, the band Tomfoolery was formed in July 2014.  Graham's guitar style compliments Tom's while their vocals have an uncanny and pleasing blend.  With the inclusion of another female voice on harmony and sometimes lead vocal, the band has their own unique Celtic/Americana/Folk sound. Tomfoolery are having a lot of fun making music together!

In September 2016 Madelaine left us to return to Colorado to be with her daughters and we are so fortunate to have been able to have Pauline Vallance and Alan Brand join us to bring a new sound to Tomfoolery. Pauline plays clarsach and flute, as well as singing beautifully, and Alan can add some lead guitar and male harmony vocals.   

Tom has recorded 8 CDs either solo or with fellow musicians, more information on his own website www.tomfairnie.com   Madelaine  has a solo CD of Scottish songs "Away To The Westward" which she recorded while living in Colorado, USA. www.madelainecave.com. Pauline also has a solo CD "Songs, Spells and Salsa Moves" and can be found on

"This Scottish songwriter has a sound so heroic and wide ranging it’s a wonder how his stunning and far reaching yet subtle country sound isn’t flowing from the fingertips of an American songsmith with an endless Nebraskan landscape for influence. A massive understanding for atmosphere gives Tom Fairnie an outstanding position from which to make music....with a refreshingly modern tackling of a very traditional sound....cinematic and beautiful." From a review on Rawrip by Greg Harper.